Gourmet Experience at the Intercontinental Hotel Chef's Table.
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Get a Ski-High Gourmet Experience at the Intercontinental Hotel Chef’s Table.

An extravagant and delightful treat held at the Intercontinental Hotel by their Executive Chef, Yoshan. Bloggers, influencers and more got the chance to interact with the exclusive Chef Yoshan and learn, taste and even cook the new winter menu.


Walking distance from the International arrivals terminal is the Intercontinental Hotel. Quills, a 24-hour restaurant located at the Intercontinental, earned its name due to the hanging porcupine quills from the ceiling.


Guests were greeted with chopping boards set up with all the necessary utensils for a master class hosted by the experienced Chef Yoshan. Along side some delicious canapés and starters waiting for the guests. In full chef spirit, guests were given a chef hat and apron, which sparked a foodie maestro within them all.


To start off ex Chopped SA contestant, Chef Yoshan, wowed the guests with a demonstration of how to make a spring roll. Charmingly, his skills and years of experience had the guest’s jaws on the floor! Chef Yoshan took guests through the new winter menu and gave them the opportunity to create different elements of each dish.


Eager to get started, in gourmet fashion, the first dish was a neat and tasty salmon roll. With a pre-prepped plate, guests had to make their own salmon roll and place stylishly onto the plate.


The second element that guests made was the pear-shaped potato bake! Attendees were guided step by step in getting their hands dirty by dipping, crumbing and manipulating a potato to look like a pear. Potato-pears were then sent off to the kitchen for a deep fry!

IMG_20170406_141236_783 IMG_20170406_143949_900

Lastly and definitely the most exciting part, guests were shown how to make meringue in the microwave, which they then added to their pear dessert.


Finally, guests were seated at beautifully decorated tables. Surrounding the centrepiece were their specialty breads. Among them was the “Black Rolls” basic bread dough with activated edible charcoal sprinkled off with biltong dust. Savory Chorrus, which is a sweet treat, that comes from Spain, but the Intercontinental makes a savory version with cumin and sesame. Lavash Bread is an unleavened bread (flat bread) there are no rising agents used, flavoured with course sea salt and poppy seeds.

Finally, to add to the bread is their flavoured butter, easy enough to make at home! Take unsalted butter and add to the following to suit your taste: anchovy and parsley, sundried tomato pesto and pepperdew


The winter menu was then served to the guests with the elements of the dish they had made themselves!

Thanks to Chef Yoshan and Intercontinental hotel for an exciting, delicious and enlightening experience!




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