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80 blogs around the world – Madagascar

Take a trip with our 80 blogs around the world. Learn more about what the world has to offer, and explore new travel destinations that you may have never considered before.  Our first stop is at Madagascar, a cosy island nation that is off the coast of Africa.


Many may recognize Madagascar from the animation but this beautiful country has so much more to offer than what is shown and yes, they do have lemurs nestling in their jungles.



Through the Avenue of Boababs.

Madagascar is well known for this stunning dirt road stretch that is decorated with rows of baobab trees.


Standing in with trunks that are over 800 years old, these are a traveller’s must see when visiting the country. It’s recommended to visit the site at sunset or sunrise to appreciate the natural lighting catching the glory of these gorgeous trees.




A paradise that’s worth the price!

Being that it is an island, we must of course talk about the beaches! Nosy Iranja is a tropical destination that immediately put our minds in holiday mode.


During low tide, the island is connected by a sandbar which allows travellers to enjoy a further walk on the sandy beach. There are also cute stores near the local village that is worth exploring.



Taste the influence.


If you have a palate that is clever enough to pick up the influences in cuisine that is created in traditional Madagascar dish, then you would have noticed that this country has a combination of influences that includes French and Indonesian food.


If you want to try out a traditional dish from Madagascar, then look out for Romazava  on the menu, it’s a meaty stew dish that has an assortment of leaf elements to it… delicious!


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