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80 Blogs Around The World – India

If you can handle the heat then keep on reading because from their food to their weather, India is our next destination for 80 blogs around the world.


You may recognize the wondrous Taj Mahal, a popular tourist destination in India that is rich with beauty and history – however, this is just a slice of what India has to offer!


Glitz, glam and India.


Bargain your way to amazing fashion from India. The colourful and sparkling threads are iconic and are a fantastic representation of the vibrant country that thrives on colour and culture.


It’s easy to go crazy in India with all the amazing shopping, but the trick to shopping in India is to take your time. Keep an eye out for quality items, as you may find that India has a lot of attractive pieces that usually break after a couple days.  There’s more to India than just clothing and jewellery, don’t forget to stock up on all the delicious spices and teas!



The spicy side to India


While we are on the topic of food, if you are already a fan of Indian food that is hot curries and delicious naan breads then trying out the authentic cuisine in India is a no brainer!


Take a seat at one of India’s finest restaurant to indulge in some delicious food from the starters to the mains and finishing off the meal with desserts. You may need a little patience as the restaurants can get busy, but trust us –  it will be well worth it!


India and the temples


Shopping and food aside, India has stunning architecture that deserves appreciation. Explore your way from South India to North India to tour your way through some of their amazing historical buildings and temples, that will leave you in shock and awe!


Just to give you an idea of what beauty you can expect in your travels to India, this temple is the Meenakshi Hindu temple in Madurai in South India and it is recognized as one of the most impressive temples in India, thanks to the pillar halls that display these incredible figures.


India is a country that needs to be appreciated. Plan out your trip, research the do’s the don’t and the must see before you jet off.

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