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Packing 101: Tips and Ticks

Whether you travel once in a blue moon or on a regular basis, it’s always good to know the tips and tricks to packing the perfect travel bag. Packing can be a tricky task especially if you have limited space which is why we are sharing our top 10 tips and tricks for packing.


Top 10 tips and tricks for packing.


1)    Roll, don’t fold! You can save a lot of space if you roll clothing such as jeans, t-shirts and dresses. It’s also a great way to reduce the wrinkles in your clothes.

2)    Turn your shower cap inside out to convert it into a shoe holder, this will keep your dirty shoes away from your clothes and create another purpose for a shower cap.

3)    Invest in transparent plastic bags to store your toiletries, it protects the rest of your bag from any leakages and it is easier to sift through your bag to find what you want.

4)    Double up on your socks role by putting breakable items in it, this is a great way to add extra protection to your precious items.

5)    If you have a small bag then you are going to love this trick! Utilise those unused spaces such as the foot holes in your shoes to store items.


6)    Cords, cords and more cords! Pack all of your cords in a safe and smart way by using old sunglass casings to keep them neat.

7)    Tropical trips require hats, but hats can lose their shape when they are squished in a bag. Maintain the shape by filling the hat with a shirt.

8)    Pill boxes are your friend, they can keep your jewellery or small amounts of beauty products neatly in one place.

9)    On holiday, keep your dirty clothes from your clean clothes with a laundry bag, it’s also a good idea to turn clothes inside out so that you know these need to be washed.

10)    Balance out your packing, distribute the weight throughout the bag to optimise the travelling bag. Pack your light clothes on top, and all the heavier items at the bottom by the wheels.

Now that you are all set on the packing, it’s time to start travelling. If you have forgotten to pack something for your holiday then don’t stress because we have amazing stores at the airports that you can shop at – happy travels! 😊

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