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80 Blogs Around The World – Thailand

No doubt that our next travel destination is a place that at least one of your friends or family members has visited already. Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations thanks to the beautiful culture and for being an affordable destination.


Do you think of beaches, green plants and street food as the first couple thoughts when you hear of Thailand? If so, then you would be right for thinking that! Thailand is well known for the stunning blue-green sea and white sandy beaches that are surrounded by lush greenery all over.


Travelling through Thailand



A great thing about Thailand is its inexpensive means of transportation. The price may be right, but the speed might not be to the pace that’s fitting for a rush. Thailand has buses, trains, tuk-tuks, ferries and more to help you travel in-between islands, so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery as you travel through the beautiful plains of Thailand.


Food is a must try in any country and Thailand is no exception! Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine at various inexpensive Thai restaurants to indulge in the curries and noodles for a local taste. Try to find a night market or a floating market for a variety of savoury dishes, desserts and drinks, this will allow you to experience past what you see on a typical restaurant menu.



Getting festive in Thailand



If you do plan a trip to Thailand, then consider your days carefully, plan out different activities to do and sights to see.


Choose your travel dates wisely as Thailand has a stunning festival full calendar that’s worth considering on your trip. In the early part of the year, you can expect the Chinese New Year which means big celebrations in Chinatown in Bangkok and Phuket. Mid-year it’s Rocket festival, which is a compilation of music, dancing and firing of crafted rockets.



Pamper and adventure in Thailand



Be sure to include some down time after all of your fun, with some sun, beach and perhaps a Thai massage? This unique treatment is a massage with herbs and specific pressured technique that manipulates the tissue to leave the individual feeling relaxed.


If you find yourself re-energised after a day of pampering, then explore the historical ruins that have been around for centuries, it’s a true wonder to explore the history and natural beauty of a country. If ruins and rivers are not your idea of fun, then there are other fun activities such as diving around the islands, cooking courses or even personal improvement courses.


It’s great when you can travel, learn and relax all at the same time!


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