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80 Blogs Around the World – China


Without a doubt, we have all heard about China. In fact, there is a chance that you have an item near to you that has been made in China. However, this culture-rich country is much more than just a manufacturing hub! Take a trip with us to China, as we explore the wonders that it has to offer!


There are a lot of places to visit in China, which means you will need a good couple of days to visit, even if you are just exploring the most popular cities in China such as Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

We couldn’t talk about China without mentioning the Great Wall of China. Found in the capital of China which is Beijing, this historical landmark is a tourist favourite and a definite must see!


The Great Wall of China is an impressive architectural creation that stretches over 5,500 miles If you are going to brave this long trek then it’s best to visit in the fall which is from September to November for clear weather and fewer crowds. There are many different tourist experiences to have at The Great Wall of China, from hiking to camping, to a nightlife experience.


The Forbidden City is found in the heart of Beijing. It was the home to emperors and eventually become China’s largest and greatest preserved location of ancient buildings. At the Great Wall of China, you can enjoy delightful tours that explain more about the history and there are also a few restaurants, the Imperial Garden, and the Treasure Gallery to explore.


Diving deeper into China’s history and culture

China History


If you find the history of China fascinating, then a trip to Xi’an should be on your list! Peek into the world of China’s ancient civilization in the form of relics and historical sites. Book a tour to explore the Terracotta Warriors or unravel the Hanyang Mausoleum, this is the tomb mausoleum of Emperor Jing. If you want to learn more from a cultural point, then enjoy a delightful Imperial show or learn more about how to make the local food, such as dumplings.


Big city life in China

China- City


China’s city life is just as impressive as its rich history. Ease your way into their city life by first making a trip to Hong Kong, this is a great tourist destination with its modern vibe due to the colonial history. When you visit Hong Kong, there are two things that come to mind – skyscrapers and shopping! A classic transport  option in Hong Kong is The Peak Tram that functions on the highest point of the island which then ascends the mountainside that is rather steep. This is worth the thrill and should be on your list of experiences!


Shanghai is our last stop on this tour and is also the largest city in China, which is home to the Shanghai Maglev Train that is recognised as the fastest train in the world. The Bund is also a popular tourist destination as it is a living museum of the colonial history, which is also a great way to learn more about the actual city when you walk through it. There is also a Disneyland Park in Shanghai which boasts that of the traditional Disneyland theme park.


As you explore the country, you will quickly learn that there is a lot more to the country than you realise.

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