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80 Blogs Around the World – Japan


Japan would be best described by saying modern meets tradition. This country has beautifully infused a well-balanced combination of the modern world while keeping its incredible history and culture deep within the roots.

Jumping into it with Japan



Japan is well known for their beautiful shrines that would leave any visitor in awe! These shrines are visited during specials occasions such as festivals but also daily to pay respects to the gods or to pray for good blessings. There is an array of shires that needs to be visited on your trip to Japan, to discover each shrine’s reason or history behind it.


If the spiritual route is not for you then you may be more interested in the shopping aspect of Japan! Tokyo is the place to be when it comes to shopping up not just a storm, but a hurricane! It’s anime capital in Japan with all their colourful anime goods however, you can also expect to see traditional goods as well. The fashion is trendy, stylish and everything you want! It may take a day or two to explore the shopping districts in this wonderful city, but you can bet that you won’t be disappointed!


Not to be missed visits in Japan!



Japan is very modern however, we must focus on one of the best parts of Japan, and that it is a beautiful country which has an incredible history and natural wonders. Around the 15th century, small castles were created for defence reasons, these now stand as a mesmerising tourist attraction as many have turned into museums, each one design with its own history.


Whether you are a fan of gardens or not, you will certainly find appreciation for the beauty that is held by the magnificent Japanese Gardens. These gardens are designed in such a way that they are more than just a garden but rather another form of art. Find your zen with a trip to one of the gardens, where you can stand in awe of the stunning flowers and villas. . Kyoto is home to many of these gardens with the Ryoanji Temple and the Sankeien being the most popular destinations.


Stroll through the gardens of Kyoto or shop the streets of Tokyo. Either way, you can be sure to find the reason why Japan is a great place to visit.


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