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How to stick to your New Year’s resolution to travel


A new year has arrived, did you complete your New Year’s resolutions from last year?


Many of us will answer no – so you are not alone! A lot of people choose to add travelling to their New Year’s resolutions, to finally go to that country that they have been wanting to visit for years. Not all of us will accomplish that goal, in fact, most of us fail at the resolution.


Well, this year will be your year to travel! We are sharing some helpful tips to help you get closer to completing your New Year’s resolutions and to travel to your dream destination.


new year travel

Resolute for resolution


Before you can start the travel plans, you need to decide the who’s, the where’s, the when’s and why’s of your trip. Who will you be travelling with, where will you be travelling to, when is the best time to travel and why, most importantly why – because this will serve as a constant reminder as to why you are working towards this goal.


The main reason why most of us fail at this resolution is because of money. Invest NOW. Visit your bank to find out more about different saving options that will help your money to grow, to get you quicker to your travel goal. If you are willing to take the plunge and live on the spontaneous side, then perhaps look into taking out a loan for your travels.


travel booking


Before taking off to your resolution destination


A word of great advice – keep an eye peeled for amazing travel specials. Sign up to your favourite travel agencies to get updates on their latest specials and deals, as this will help you greatly to save on your trip. Also, consider booking in advance as this too will help a lot with racking up those saving. Combo deals are great money savers especially when you book everything with one travel agency.


Do your research, find out more about the place you want to travel to. Read about the activities, lifestyle and tourist options so that you can plan out your trip accordingly and consider financial costs as well. When in doubt, consult with your travel agent who will have the best advice on things to do, when to go and what to see.


Once all has been said and planned, the next step is crucial for this plan to take off – buy your plane ticket! We would suggest if possible to buy your ticket in the beginning because thereafter you will find that everything will come together as you have already confirmed the goal date!


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