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Celebrating Easter around the World

It’s that egg-citing time of the year when Easter rolls in! To celebrate this egg-cellent holiday we are cracking down on the different Easter traditions and celebrations around the world!


Egg-citing Easter traditions


To many people, Easter is a time to spend with family and friends indulging in delicious food and wonderful rituals such as Easter hunts and egg painting, however, Easter is celebrated in many different ways all around the world. One of the fun traditions you may not know about takes place in Hungary and Poland. The tradition is called Smigus Dyngus, this is the tradition when boys will splash girls with buckets of water and water guns, there is a legend that when this is done the girls will get married within the year.


If you are all about the food during Easter, then you are going to LOVE the French tradition! In France, a giant omelette is made from over 4500 eggs to feed 1,000 people in a French Town Square. From Easter Eggs to chocolate bunnies, one of our favourite parts of Easter is all the delicious chocolate! No doubt you can expect to see a couple of chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs hopping about in the stores unless you live in Australia. The country from down under uses Easter as a chance to help endangered animals by replacing the traditional bunny mascot with an Easter Bilby.


An Egg-plosive Easter


Italy definitely knows how to celebrate, and Easter is no exception! In Florence Italy a beautifully decorated wagon is strolled through the streets until it reaches its destination outside of the Duomo for the Scoppio del Carro tradition that is over 350 years old. The Scoppio del Carro tradition is the explosion of the cart, which is when a live fireworks display explodes from the cart, the tradition is performed to ensure peace and a good harvest for the year ahead.


In most places around Europe, there are a lot of Easter Fires which are bonfires that symbolised different things depending on the area, for example in Finland the flames are to ward off witches whereas in other areas it’s to celebrate Spring becoming victorious over winter.


No matter where you are in the world, there is a chance that there is an Easter celebration going on. We hope that you enjoy your Easter celebration this year by spending it with family and friends by taking part in old or new Easter traditions.

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