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10 tips on how to survive a long flight

It’s so exciting when you get the opportunity to travel overseas, to explore a new country, experience a new culture but getting there might not be as enjoyable as the actual trip. Long flights, may seem fun, but you won’t really know what to expect until you experience it.

No matter if it is a 6-hour flight or a 15-hour flight, you can bet you are going to feel the flight at some point of your trip. The key to surviving a long flight is to prep for it before you take off, which is why we are sharing some of our 10 helpful tips.


The ultimate countdown for a long flight


  • Plan because a long flight is no picnic! There are all kinds of things that you need to consider, one of the most recommended is exercise before the flight. The day before you fly spend the day stretching or working out.


  • Be on time, check in early. Checking in early means that you can have some control over where you sit, many opt for the window on long flights because there is a place to rest your head.


  • Dress the part. You are going to be sitting on a plane for some good couple hours, comfort is important. Consider what you are wearing when you are on your flight, choose comfy pants and a loose t-shirt with a


  • Snacks are important! On long flights meals are served, but you may not like what is served or still feel a bit peckish in-between meal, stock on snacks to keep you going throughout the flight.


  • Entertainment, plan in advance of how you are going to keep yourself entertained. Load a collection of movies onto your tablet or pick up that book you have been wanting to read for so long.


  • Some airlines have individual screens in front of each seat which includes a list of movies, game, series as well as a USB port – check beforehand on USB compatibility to prepare in advance.


  • To tag along of the entertainment point, make sure that everything is charged as a dead tablet is useless. Invest also in a powerbank as you never know when you may need it.


  • Be smart about the way you pack because you don’t want to overpack. Many like to save on check-in bag fees by carrying stuff onboard, however, this only limits your space, and on a long flight you need as much space as possible.


  • We all have seen how crazy people look with their neck pillows and compression socks, but you only know how important they are when you have a long flight. Don’t forget about the noise cancelling headphones and eyewear, this combo is the key to your successful sleep.


  • Create a pack of travel-friendly toiletries! You and your fellow travellers will be grateful for this trick to maintain your fresh feeling.


  • Good times with good company. Travel with a group of entertaining friends to make the time fly by, or just be friendly with your neighbour as it’s going to be a long flight!
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