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Backpacking overseas – Top 10 tips and tricks

Sometimes we get hit with those wanderlust moments that inspire us to pack a backpack and travel with no worries in the world. While this may be a dream, some sort of preparation needs to be considered.


The Wanderhustle to travelling overseas

  • Before you take off to any destination you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Research the country, about things to do, where to stay and what to eat.


  • While you are researching the country you intend to visit, be sure to keep an eye out great discounts so that you can plan how you will spend.


  • If you are going to go off the tourist path when you travel to a new country, then try learning a new language to communicate with the locals. We have a blog on how to learn a language here


  • Be sure to keep copies of your travelling documents such as ID and passport, you never know when you may need it.


  • Get a guidebook and a map. Yes, nowadays we have modern technology to help us but consider the fact that you may not always have a connection and we don’t want to be lost overseas.


  • Pack smart, this is crucial for backpacking overseas. Consider things such as instead of 10 reading books, carry a kindle instead. For more tips and tricks on packing check out our blog here


  • Trace your steps by taking photos, be sure to take photos of your hotel and room number, so should you have a miscommunication issue it will be easier to explain.


  • A safety tip when travelling overseas is to hide money. This emergency money is always handy and great as a backup.


  • Save money and eat local. Dining at the fancy restaurants may cost you a pretty penny, which is why the local cuisine is always best and it’s a great way to try the authentic cuisine.


  • Travel together, if you are going to rough it out overseas to have a backpacking experience then bring a buddy along. If you do travel with a buddy, consider splitting up your items, so that if one of the bags get lost there will also be a backup.


Backpacking can be a fun and wonderful adventure, just remember to be safe and pack smartly! Be sure to take a lot of pictures, added bonus – pictures make the best souvenirs and they take up no space in your bag!

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