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How to learn a new language

If you are a person who loves to learn about different culture, religions and countries then you are probably someone that would love to learn a new language.

Thanks to modern technology, learning a new language is a lot easier than it used to be 20 years ago. It may be easier to learn a new language nowadays, it doesn’t mean it’s not a tricky task which is why we are sharing our favourite tips and tricks for learning a new language.




Learning a language basics

No matter your reason for learning a new language, learning a new language is always a useful skill. It not only proves to be helpful in moments of miscommunication it also exposes you to another world outside of your comfort by introducing you to new cultures and experiences.


If your reason to learn a language for the sake of knowing another language, then try to choose a simple language that is easy to pick up. If you choosing to learn another language because you love the culture or plan to visit the country then no worries, eventually you will pick up language and the fact that you have a motivation behind the learning will help to fuel the effort.


Start small and start simple. Think like a child, you need to learn the basics. Basics phrases and identifying the names of objects is the way to start, if you really want to kick up the speed in learning then trying labelling objects with the correct name and working it into your sentences as a habit.








Learning a language with a modern twist


Now days learning a new language is easier due to all the apps and easy access to the internet. Now you can learn on the go by downloading any language app that works for you, this is great because it means when you have a spare moment you can take a timeout and learn something quick and easy.


Another trick is to change the language on technology that you use every day, change your phone language and work your way through it to pick up different words.


Another fun way to learn is through audio books and movies, hearing a person speak the language is a great way to pick it up. Audio books on learning a new language are designed to help you from pronunciation whereas watching a movie allows you to see how the words are pronounced.


Learning a new language is the first step out of your comfort zone, but when you start to get the hang of the language then take a giant leap! Go to a restaurant that has a strong influence of the language you are learning and try ordering in the language or even interact with others that speak the language by trying to tell a joke or story.


Motivation is another key element to learning a new language, never forget the reason why you chose to learn a new language. There are also a couple of perks that you may have never considered about learning a new language. Learning a new language opens the door to new friends and experiences such as plays and music, never forget as this will help you to stay focus.

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