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80 Blogs around the world- Fiji

Welcome to paradise! Fiji is our next beautiful destination. If you are not sure where exactly Fiji is, then pull out a map and look to the right of Australia and you will see this beautiful island. This stunning island is known as the hub of the South West Pacific and is in-between Vanuatu and Tonga.





If you are looking for a tropical beach escape, then Fiji is the place to visit! Travellers are dazzled by the beautiful palm trees, crystal blue waters and white beaches that make up this stunning getaway. One of the bonus parts about visiting fantastic Fiji is that the locals are famous for being so hospitable which is great if you want to learn more about their culture in the villages.


If you are going to hike, then hike in Fiji. This island is home to some of the most beautiful natural surrounding you will ever see and are open to nature loving explorers. You can work your way from the mountains and rivers gorges all the way to the coral reefs. While exploring this natural habitat in the thick rainforests you are bound to find exotic birds, reptiles and more.


Fiji is also known for the exquisite use of their flora for medical remedies, you can learn about this when you explore the botanic gardens on the island. There are other learning opportunities in Fiji such as learning about the indigenous culture which is displayed through their rituals, crafts and festivals.




Fiji has food for thought!



Fun fact: Fiji is an archipelago, this means it has an extensive group of islands on it, 333 to be exact! The popular islands on Fiji is the Viti Levu, Mamanuca Islands and Taveuni, to find the right island for you to explore we suggest doing some research while considering the attractions and activities.


Eat like the locals when you visit Fiji. A popular dish to enjoy is Kokoda, this is basically finely chopped up mahi-mahi fish that is dressed with coconut cream, spices and veggies, this is a great starter to the traditional cuisine. If you prefer a meal that is more on the cooked side then definitely try out Lovo, this is a popular dish choice to be served at weddings at the local villages. It is a variety of meat that is wrapped up with vegetables in banana leaves and is then cooked for several hours underground!


Fiji is the perfect escape if you want to get away from hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the natural wonder and local hospitality with delicious unique meals.




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