A virtual tour of OR Tambo International Airport. - SA Airports Company
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A virtual tour of OR Tambo International Airport.

OR Tambo International Airport has introduced a new way to experience the incredible airport by using a popular technology gadget on the market. Before making your way to OR Tambo, familiarise yourself with the airport by visiting saairports.co.za to view the Virtual Tour with or without the virtual headgear.


Exploring OR Tambo International Airport


OR Tambo International Airport has taken the first step forward in changing a traveller’s experience where you can get the personal and virtual experience of the innovated airport from the comfort of your own home. The creative minds in the OR Tambo International Airport’s team have teamed up with Contact Media and Communications to give visitors the ultimate first-person experience of the airport through the virtual tours.


The virtual tour is broken up into different sections of the airport to allow travellers to explore specific areas of the airport. These virtual tours cover most of the areas from OR Tambo International Airport’s International Departures to OR Tambo International Airport’s Landside Lower Ground Retail, with 13 different areas covered at the airport you will no doubt have fun exploring the majestic building.


Once you choose a tour you can start exploring, you may notice circular objects in the tour that you can click on, this will help you to speed up the movement in the virtual tour and take to you a destination quicker. There are also store or object descriptions that can be clicked on to pull up more information about the store and object.


Virtually what you can expect

The Virtual Tours can be accessed from both your mobile and desktop and even better if you have a VR headgear you can also explore the tours using the headgear. The option to setup using the Cardboard app will be available when you connect the headgear to the virtual tours for a full experience.


You may be wondering what exactly the virtual tour means other than exploring the airport. The virtual tour gives tourists and new travellers the opportunity to explore their future experience at the airport- no more getting lost at the airport! This is also a wonderful opportunity for those that have never see the International side to the airport to get one step closer to that future travel goal. Virtual shopping is on another level, explore the stores of the Duty Free Mall before you arrive or depart from the airport to know which stores you want to visit.


Try out the virtual experience at OR Tambo International Airport for yourself by checking out the 13 tours here.

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