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Travelling with apps

Gone are the days of carrying around travel books and maps, now we can have everything in one place thanks to our smartphones! We are sharing our top 10 must have travel-friendly apps that you should download to ensure that you have a pleasant trip.


Top 10 Travel apps




Let’s start with all of our google apps that we need on our phones. Google has revolutionised the web and it should be no different when it comes to using our phones. There are 3 Google essential apps that needs to be on your phone before you take off to explore a new country.


  • Google Maps – if you are not going to be kicking it old school with a map then Google Map is your 1# app to help you find your way around the new country
  • Google Translate – this app is just golden! If you are not close to being bilingual, then this is your new best friend! Don’t get caught in a case of miscommunication, Google translate can help you to solve some tricky situations.
  • Google Trips – this is a planner’s dream app! Plan everything for the day with the Google Trips app that automatically maps out a day for you with suggestions and thing to see and do.


Now that you have downloaded the essentials from Google, check out what are the remaining 7 apps that can help you on your trip.


  • Uber – This popular app is available in 633 cities around the world! Find your way around the city in a reliable and safe manner by booking a ride through the app.
  • Airbnb – Airbnb is the easiest way to find accommodation in the area. Book a holiday home that works for your budget through this super convenient app!
  • Skype – this app allows you to connect with family and friends no matter where in the world you are and with Skype to Skype free calling it means you will save tons on the connection!
  • TripAdvisor – If you like to go on recommendations then be sure to get TripAdvisor. This wonderful app will share reviews of different locations, restaurants and attraction from other travellers like yourself!
  • CityMapper – it is similar to that of Google maps as it shows the best way to get to a destination, another cool feature is that it shows real time departures for public transportation in certain cities.
  • PackPoint – This is an app that every traveller needs! It is a travel packing list organizer and is loved by serious travel pros. It helps travellers to pack based on factors such as weather, destination and activities.
  • XE Currency – when you travel overseas you need to remind yourself that you are working with another currency. It can be tricky to determine the price of an item which is why the XE Currency app is the perfect shopping buddy!


The trick to travelling is to travel smart and you can travel smart with the right kind of apps!

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