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Park the pain. Because now you can book your parking!

Parking can be so stressful.

We know how it feels. You wake up a bit late. Haven’t finished packing completely. Throwing in those last few items, can’t remember where the hairdryer is. Showering when you forgot to turn on the geyser (to save money on electricity costs, of course). Cursing as you hit bad traffic. Why is there always a cement truck on the road when you’re in a hurry?! Desperate not to miss your flight, you arrive at the airport. But now you have to try find parking. You don’t need the stress. And we don’t want to give it to you.

Now parking is easier than ever.

That’s why we have a ‘book your bay’ parking offering. It’s simple. Just visit our website at the bottom link, and you’ll get the opportunity to book a place. No worries. No inconveniences. It can be the smoothest part of your travel. Especially as travelling can be oh so stressful what with the noise. Not to mention the angst in trying to find nice presents for the family. They’re special and deserve something special, from our Duty Free section, too. (If you order online, you get 15% off the price – so that’s really convenient, too.)

Best of all, though, is how inexpensive it is to rent a parking space now. You get 50% off when you book, so it’ll onlycost you R58 a day. That’s a huge savings, especially if you go away for a week. It’s just another way ACSA tries to make your travelling that much easier. And in case you didn’t know, for even more ease at paying for parking, you can use your credit card. The only thing we can’t make easier for you is getting lost in translation in airports like Beijing [hyperlink to blog post on China].

So park the pain, and book your bay now.

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