Bluetooth headphones to keep you sane while travelling.
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Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones: keep sane while you travel.

Bluetooth headphones are the heroes in a crazy world.

It’s a world of chaos. Loud shouts. Children shrieking for candy. The clanking of suitcases. Inanity of conversations. Complaints. Clatter. Clammer. (What you need is bluetooth headphones.)

Yes, airports can be noisy places. Travel in itself is positively full of noise pollution. Then, on the plane, the roar of the engine is something you might get used to. But it’s always, always, there.

Subways of strange cities. The noise at night in New York. It could drive you dilly.

There is hope though. Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling properties. Have you heard of NCT? It’s quite clever: essentially the sound we hear reaches our ears as a wave (hence: soundwave). While wearing bluetooth headphones with active NTC, the waves actually pass through microphones build on the sides of the headphones – which create a matching soundwave that goes at a 180 degree “out of phase” to the original wave.

This has the effect of “cancelling” it out to some degree.

While it’s not 100% effective (you’ll notice this when no music is playing, though outside sound is still muted), when you play music on a superb set of bluetooth headphones with NTC, you’ll barely be able to hear ANYTHING outside.

Cancel those sounds with your bluetooth headphones.

The baby crying? He’s gone. The snoring guy behind you? Evaporated. The relentless roar of the engine jet? Holy moly, it’s like we’re gliding!

For any solitary traveller, noise cancelling bluetooth headphones are essential. And they’re wireless. Wireless is like flying – it’s a freedom from the boundaries of a gravity you weren’t even aware of. Until you’re cut free from it.

It’s liberating to have a pair of cordless bluetooth headphones around your neck, ready to play at any instant. Just connect to your cellphone. Anyway, Bluetooth is great if you have the latest Apple iPhones, which don’t have old school phone jacks anyway.

So where to buy your bluetooth headphones?

Our multitudes of electronic stores at our major airports all have tip-top noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones available at them at any one time. You should consider stopping by and picking one up before you jump on a plane. There’s a Capi at both OR Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport. While at King Shaka International Airport, visit Electro Electronics and Sounds.

Now, doesn’t that sound good to you?

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