Banking after-hours: reasons to visit our airport.
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Banking after-hours

Banking after-hours: don’t let a bad day nosedive your week.

Banking after-hours. And more reasons to visit the airport.

You wake up after the ninth snooze. The shower’s cold. The electricity is off. The gate exiting your complex isn’t working properly. You get stuck behind a cement truck going 30km an hour. Finally, you arrive at your desk, hoping your boss hasn’t noticed you’re 30 minutes late.


She has. That one icy glare that freezes everything in its path says it all. There’s no lunch today. You’re going to have to sneak a snack from the vending machine later. No chit-chat with co-workers… or you’re going to have to avoid it much as you can.


And the worst? You have to visit the bank today. You’ve got an issue with your card. Those important online purchases… not happening. So much for sorting that out. In fact, the rest of the week looks equally bad. Especially with your in-tray piling up faster than a Springbok tackle. How are you going to sort out your financials now?


ACSA to the rescue to get you out of the red – banking after-hours.


Well, the answers easy. Eventually, at 19:20 to be exact, your boss leaves the office (her icy ‘good night’ turned you into a popsicle). So now you’re free to go. Too late for most banks. In fact, most banks are done long before office hours officially ended anyway.


But at our airports, the major ones, like OR Tambo International, Cape Town International, and King Shaka International, we do banking after-hours. They’re open until 22:30, in fact. You have plenty of time to sort out your card!


So off you go, either driving by car or Ubering to Sandton Central, and taking the Gautrain. You arrive at the hustle and bustle of the airport. It’s filled with exciting energy. People arriving. People reuniting with family. Just spectacular.


Banking after-hours

Banking after-hours

It gives you a real sense of the economic power of the airport in how it interconnects us all. Then you’re off to find your bank. Whichever bank you bank at, you find banking after-hours a pleasure: the staff are friendly and inviting, the queues not too long. When you get service, you’re relieved to find the issue is easily remedied.



Soon, you’re done.




If you’re here anyway, make a meal of it.


With all that rushing around, and of course,the single pack of NikNaks for lunch, you’re well and truly starved. Good thing our airports are known for their selection of eateries and fine restaurants, so you go and find one.


Banking after-hours

Eating after-hours

Perhaps it’s Airport Craft Brewers, where you’ll get to enjoy a fine pub dinner. A medium-rare rump, with pepper sauce? And, being one of those days, the thought of craft beer is just too tempting (unless you’re more of a fine wine kinda guy/gal). It tastes really good, and you’re finally relaxed for the first time that entire day.






Of course, you might as well do a bit of shopping.


Banking after-hours

Shopping after-hours

Considering our airports are a premium international experience, you realise there are lots of quality shops still open. Since you’ve got some time, you decide to peruse for possible purchases. Such as a new book to read; you’d been meaning toget for ages now. Conveniently, there’s an Exclusive Books – and they have the latest bestsellers. You pick a page-turner, excited by how it’ll be perfect to read between the sheets tonight. You also stop by Capi, the electronic shop stocked with the latest games, phones, gadgets, and other devices. A DVD catches your eye, and soon it’s paid for and in your laptop bag.


Finally, it’s time to go home – and you feel satisfied by how the day turned out. That’s because our airports are more than just for people travelling to distant places. They’re for people who are on a tough personal journey. And actually, because of what special places they are, they’re for anyone – anyone at all – looking to do afterhours banking, shopping, enjoy the wi-fi, or simply watch travellers come by. So just because you’re not going anywhere doesn’t mean that, when you visit our airports, you haven’t arrived.

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