Spring: c'mon, let spring take flight!
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Spring Changes

It’s time to let spring take flight.

Spring is here!


Spring Styles

Spring Styles

Spring is officially here! We’re as excited as you are. Gone are the dropping low temperatures of mid-winter, when getting out of bed was as painful as exiting the womb. And the days are getting longer! Nothing better than arriving back home from work and the sun is still shining.

With spring comes the new: new look, new style, new adventures, new attitude! So we’ve prepared a couple of ways you can be introducing newness into your life over the next month.

It’s time to jazz up that look. If you’re a singleton, well, love is blooming in the air tonight along with our flights. And the best way to ensnare your new love is to spruce yourself up. Not only because you’ll look so good. But because you’ll feel more confident and more beautiful / handsome too. Where to go? Well, if you’re in Cape Town International Airport (on your way to romantic places like Paris or Rome, no doubt), you can stop off at Express Hair & Skin. It’s truly express at approximately 20 minutes of snipping time. You can get quick haircuts, wash and blow, as well as a flat iron. As the name suggests, they do skin treatments too. So if you’re feeling a bit flaky, let them do “dermalogical” treatments for you.


New spring bod:



Spring Bod

Sure, that winter extra layer of “blubber” might have had its uses. It helps insulating when the world outside is chilling to the bone. But summer is coming, and that means you definitely want to get beach-body ready. One of the best ways? Good old fashioned cardiovascular exercise. Now’s the time to take a tour around your neighbourhood at five kilometres an hour. Or, if you’re traveling to an interesting country, exploring the city’s secrets from foot – on a marathon trek. Fortunately, OR Tambo International hosts quality sporting goods store, Totalsports, where you’ll find the latest in sports shoe technology – and it’s guaranteed to put a real spring in your step. Visit next time you’re at our airport.


Spring Adventure

Spring Adventure


New spring adventure:


Maybe it’s time for an adventure holiday? The kind where you traverse windy mountains or journey deep into the jungle. If you’re feeling especially fit, take the trail up K2, Africa’s highest peak. Or go to the wilderness of the North Americas, where you could encounter wolves or bears (you only live once, might as well make it harrowing). Perhaps, if you are looking for your guru to give new direction, the Himalayas are the stop for you. An ancient temple may be hiding just out of “site” beyond the rise. Whatever your adventure needs, Timberland will prepare you for them. From quality sleeping bags, sub-zero tolerating jackets, boots built for bush-bashing to duffel bags, Garmin watches, and outdoor toolkits, Timberland has everything required for taking a walk on the wild side.


New spring language:


Spring Language

Spring Language

Have you considered picking up a new language? Maybe just a new way of looking at your own one? Exclusive Books at all our major airports has something for you. A book on Zulu. Which will, obviously, teach you some Zulu. It’s not a “Learn how to Speak” kind of book, though. It’s more insightful than that. Called Melusi’s Everyday Zulu, it’s a love for language rarely savoured in the academic field. Melusi Tshabalala writes with a very sardonic, satiric style on words which have a rich complexity of meaning, and he wittily provides social and political context for the use of those words. Yip. It’s a great way to learn the idiosyncrasies of a language. And if Zulu is already your mother tongue, Melusi will provide you with a warm, funny new way of appreciating it. What makes it such a powerful, but human, book is that we can all, whatever our language roots, appreciate the richness of linguistic meaning and the context of words. Melusi’s Everyday Zulu will provide you with a new way of looking at our uniquely South African world.

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