Cheap Holiday Destinations for South African tourists.
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Cheap Holiday Destinations.

Cheap holiday destinations for South African travellers

Cheap holiday destinations.

We’re all feeling the pinch of a weak economy. The Rand takes more dives these days than a prize fighter on the payroll of the mafia. So South Africans are tending to spend only on the essentials. Does that mean you have to give up your dream of travel? There are many benefits to visiting cheap holiday destinations.

Among them is experiencing new cultures and expanding your horizons. Coming back from an overseas trip means more than just souvenirs, but memories and life-learned lessons. It stimulates the mind and fills the soul.

There’s no reason you have to give up on travel. With a bit of saving, there are still some wonderful places to go. Places easy on your wallet. We’ve got some suggestions for you that’ll give you options for when you decide to take that well-deserved holiday, that make perfect cheap holiday destinations.


Egypt, the land of the pyramid.


Cheap holiday desintations

The Pyramids

One of the great cheap holiday destinations. Far up north, on the gateway to the Middle East, is Egypt, a country with ties to ancient cultures and histories. It’s full of stories of grand pharoehs who ruled over advanced cultures at the dawn of human civilization. It has majestic landscapes punctuated by the world wonders: the pyramids and the Sphynx. Tours let you explore some of the pyramids. Just beware the curse of the Mummy, and leave any toilet-rolled up cadavers be. You’ve seen this movie, and you’re no Brendan Frasier. (Unless maybe you’re ex-military.)

The exchange rate isn’t bad, at around R1 = 1.22 Egyptian pound*. Hotel prices are about R961 a night.


Romania, rather than Remain Here.

Cheap holiday destinations.

An ominous castle in beautiful Romania.

Dad used to joke where he was going on holiday. He’d say, “Romania”, but only because he was being punny. He wasn’t going anywhere. He was going to remain here. Don’t do dad jokes. Rather travel to a beautiful Eastern European country full of gothic history. For one thing, its most famous region is Transylvania. Yes, visit for the spooky stories. Stay for Dracula’s three brides. Part of the allure of Romania is it has something most of Europe has lost: areas of true wilderness. You can spot bears and wolves, if going on tour, and maybe other creatures of the night. R3,60 is about 1 Romanian lea. Hotel prices average R986 a night. Another one of the great cheap holiday destinations.



Russia, from Mother with love


Cheap holiday destinations.

The Kremlin

You can visit Russia, a mammoth country, which stretches from the Eastern fringes of Europe all the way deep into Asia, and almost touches Alaska, for around R16 200 for an eight night tour of its major cities, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. Although you’d be b ave to visit during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months. The Russian Winter, famously, defeated the armies of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. Be a tourist, never an invader, that is the moral lesson from both those tragic (for them) stories. Russia, of course, enjoys certain ties with our country through BRICS. And another advantage of travelling there is no need for hassle: you don’t require a visa for entry. With its rich history, beautiful architecture, and unique multi-cultured history, Russia is perfect for any student of the past. And you’ll also find the Russian people to be quite warm, despite the cold.


India, find your inner guru.


Cheap holiday destinations.


Long the destination of travellers seeking to find themselves, India is a spectacular mishmash of beauty and melancholy moments. Many who live there do so in with little. Yet, the spirit they live by is inspiring enough to have painted evocative words in numerous novels and travel journal blogs. At the same time, there’s a culture of kindness. The Indian people are very welcoming to their guests. It’s also a good place to get fit: you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, wandering the exotic streets, the majestic museums, the enlightening temples, the energy of its cities. R1 will get you 4.75 Rupees. Hotels a night are on average R893, depending on where you go. Flights can cost as little as R5449 per person. So go, experience a myriad of the senses and come back a life-time richer.

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