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The Scariest Experiences in the World

The SCARIEST Travel Experiences in the World.

The SCARIEST Travel Experiences in the World.

Are you a thrill-seeker? If not, why not be one in the holiday spirit of All Hallows Eve (also known as Halloween). The holiday where the dead are stead to walk the Earth once again on this night.

There are many experiences out there in the world to make your toes curl up, and your face to frighten up. Why do it? Because we like being scared. It’s true. It’s why we enjoyed scary stories by the camp fire as kids. Or watching scary movies. Theme park rides. Dares into haunted houses. Well, here’s a list of the scariest experiences you can enjoy from around the world.


The Scariest Meal in the World.

Let’s get this one right in the belly. Fugu. Sounds innocuous, right? It isn’t. It’s pufferfish. Pufferfish are sea critters who, as a self-defence mechanism, can puff themselves up so their spiky bits are sticking out. They’re full of a neurotoxin that’s highly lethal. Essentially, the toxin prevents the brain from communicating with the body, and everything goes in a handbasket to a very warm place rather quickly.

So how is it that people eat this? You’d think evolution would have bred out all those with a taste for it by now. But those very special people, masters of karate and karaoke, the Japanese, actually train master chefs capable of preparing pufferfish by removing the toxic parts. Mostly. Even these highly skilled chefs occasionally get it wrong, and that leads to a diner not leaving a tip so much as an entire estate behind.

Do you have the guts to try out this meal? We love the thought of playing Russian Roulette with aquatic animals, but we’ll have the teriyaki salmon instead, thanks.


The Scariest Hotel in the World.

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado has this honour. It’s the inspiration for the page-turning horror novel The Shining by Stephen King – which was later made into a movie starring Jack Nicholson. Guests report all sorts of paranormal activity, ranging from glasses that move slightly in the bar, to the piano mysteriously being played in an empty concert hall, to doors opening and shutting, to sightings of former residents…

So it’s said. How much of it is just tricks of the mind, where you go into a place believing there is something very eerie about it, and natural phenomena is interpreted as supernatural?

That said, hundreds of guests have had these experiences, and whether it is genuine ghostly activity or simply your overactive imagination being feed food for scary thought doesn’t matter. What does is, if you’re a thrill-seeker looking for a chilling experience, you can’t do wrong by staying here.

They even have ghost tours. You have to pay extra for Jack Nicholson.

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The Scariest Ride in the World.

You’ll need to head to Japan for that. That’s twice now, Japan, what’s with you! (We were going to have scariest activity on the list, and that would have been singing karaoke, but we don’t want to make it a hat trick for the land of the rising sun).

As for the ride, it’s called Takabisha. Takabisha is the steepest rollercoaster on the globe, starting off with a surprise drop in complete darkness before lifting you up and flinging you about at 1200 angles. Yep, that’s right. 1200 degrees.

There’s also the usual loops and corkscrews but it’s the 1200 drop that will make you wish you’d packed an extra pack of pants.

Just maybe avoid any pufferfish before embarking.


The Scariest Island in the World.

There are numerous of these, including the one from Lost. But sadly Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and the others, don’t really exist and neither does The Island. It’s in reality just a pretty place in Hawaii. No, the scariest island in the world is located off the coast of Mexico. It’s known as The Island of the Dolls.

A caretaker of the island discovered the body of a dead girl many, many years ago in a close-by canal. Frightened by the thought of her spirit wrecking vengeance on the living, he decided to do what you, you know, do in these situations. Get the scary ghost child some toys to play with. That’ll distract ‘em.

So he collected dolls of all sorts, and hung them from trees, over rocks, in the grass, on the beach. Everywhere. Presumably because every time the angry ghost would come looking for him to take out pent-up rage, she’d stop to play with another doll.

That thought alone is goose-bump inducing. If you’re interested in visiting, you can hire a boat and perhaps convince someone to take you close enough to it to view.

The Scariest Country in the World.

There are so many for this list. Afghanistan, Columbia, Somalia… But we have a winner. That would be North Korea. Don’t go there (even if you could). Not unless you intend to walk the Earth again only on Halloween.

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