Sweet treats: what makes Halloween such a tasty holiday.
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Sweet treats

Sweet treats: what makes Halloween such a tasty holiday.

Sweet treats: the dead are restless; it’s why on the 31 October they walk the Earth. They search out the heat of human souls to warm their empty spirits. They seek… Sweet treats?

Sweet treats.

A long standing tradition in the United States of America, children of most ages wander around the US streets donned as ghosts, pirates, devils, skeletons, witches, warlocks, and presumably zombies – seeing as this trend of the ravenous undead has swept through popular culture like a horde.


Over here, in sunny South Africa, where the chill of late autumn is replaced by the steaming temperatures of spring, we don’t exactly follow this tradition. Children certainly aren’t allowed to wander about, knocking on strangers’ doors asking for sweet treats.


What horrors are in store?


Instead, we celebrate the holiday more as a theme seen in retail store level and at offices around the country. People arriving for work dressed as terrors. Which, based on what can happen in boardroom meetings, fits nicely.


But more on the tradition of sweet treat giving. We’re not entirely sure what delicious sweet treats has to do with the walking dead, but one presumes if they’d rather have candy floss than fresh brains, so much the better for us.


Which is why we’re reassured come Halloween, we have plenty of sweet treats for everybody.


For one thing, there’s Cosmic Candy at our major airports. It’s one of those Heaven on Earth type places, because of the sheer variety of delicious treats on offer. It’s filled with snacks, biltong, sweets, chips, and chocolates of all sorts.


Online sweet treats.


Then there’s our online Duty Free store. There’s nothing scary about that – it’s not tricky either. You simply log on and order from the delicious chocolates available when you plan to be travelling into or out of OR Tambo International Airport.


We’re talking high-end chocolates that would make the Swiss as-green-as-off-cheese with envy. Why do it? This is where the wizardry really happens. You get 15% off the price faster than it takes Harry Potter to turn a Malfoy into a toad. Then it’s just a case of picking up your sweet treats when you arrive at the Duty Free area on your way wherever you’re off to.


Which might be Romania, like in this month’s 80 Blogs Around the World.


It be pretty sweet to visit Transylvania this Halloween. If you’re packing chocolate sweet treats, you may not have to worry about a certain Count who resides in those parts.

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